What CRM or Email List Software Do You Need?

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There are dozens of popular and high quality CRMs (client/contact management systems) and email automation companies on the market. How do you know which one is best for your unique needs?

The best choice depends largely on your current revenue and future sales goals. 

New Businesses + Hobby Businesses (making or projected to make under $40k this year)

You should not be investing in a paid CRM at all! At this stage, a newsletter provider such as MailChimp that offers a free service tier will work well for you.

Start-Ups (making or projected to make $45k-100k this year)

A basic CRM such as Keap or Dubsado is ideal as they allow for contact organization and some basic automation features without being overly expensive. These CRMs include email marketing features.

Scaling Businesses (making or projected to make $100k – 7 figures this year)

You need a more advanced CRM with built in email automation. Infusionsoft is ideal as they have contact organization features which are further enhanced by sales pipelines and high level automation options. This level of CRM is more advanced and thus is for a business that is more advanced.

High Sales Businesses (multiple 7 figures)

You will need a high-end CRM such as Salesforce or HubSpot. These are meant for top tier businesses with large revenues and many sales agents working for them.

But don’t worry about which software to choose… yet.

The best results come when you finalize the details of your unique funnel/customer journey automation strategy BEFORE choosing a platform/software.


Most software has limits, which means when you choose the software first, you are stuck reworking your strategy to fit those limits.

But if you dedicate the time into crafting the strategy first, then you will know exactly what features match up with your needs, which makes it an easy choice and a much smoother set up process.

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