How To Protect Your Ecommerce Store From Hackers

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Website security and backups are even more important amid the unique circumstances brought on by COVID-19.

Hackers are increasing their efforts

With more people working from home on unsecured networks and more companies taking their business online, hackers are doubling up their efforts. Although the obvious targets (like the US Health Agency) are getting hit, it is small business websites that make up the majority of cyber attacks every year.


Because small businesses are more likely to skimp on their website security.

Hackers may not target your website specifically – this is not about a bunch of furtive teens in a basement, searching for local businesses to wreak havoc on. Instead, hackers use bots to exploit known vulnerabilities (in popular plugins, for example) and target any website that might fall into the vulnerable category.

Businesses increasingly relying on online revenue

Can you afford to replace your website if something goes wrong?

  • If an update caused an issue on your website, if it was hacked, or if it lost crucial functionality – are you in a position to rebuild it?
  • How much potential revenue would you lose while you waited for your website to be restored or rebuilt?
  • Do you have the technical skills to restore your website from a remotely stored backup?

As the effects of social distancing and mandated closures set in and you turn to online revenue sources, it becomes increasingly important to be able to have your website back up and running quickly if something goes wrong.

How can you protect yourself?

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