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Melany Goodhue is a certified financial planner in Kanata. Her impressive five-step planning process makes it easy to accomplish every one of your financial goals. Each client receives a financial plan that consists of a step-by-step guide that is easy to understand.
The Problem:
Word of Melany’s expertise spread quickly and she found herself buried under tedious admin tasks instead of being able to help clients.

The Solution:

In order to see where she needed help the most, we began with a full website audit and business advisory services. From here, we were able to see where she could improve. 

We began by automating the admin tasks that were eating into her day, focusing mainly on new lead nurturing and new client onboarding. This allowed her to spend more time doing the work she loves: helping clients.

To add more value to her offerings, we enlisted the help of Taylor, our talented copywriter, to write copy that would convert hesitant window shoppers into loyal clients. This includes, but is not limited to:

The Results:

Melany went from being inundated with monotonous admin tasks to having more time to spend with her clients. Her entire onboarding process now only takes about five minutes of her time and her customers are still getting the same high-touch experience they’ve come to associate with Melany.

From the Client:

Melany Goodhue VCC testimonial

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