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The Problem

Step into the delightful world of Papa Jack Popcorn, where snacking is an art and quality is the cornerstone. Born from a serendipitous moment and fueled by a passion for delicious, high-quality snacks, Papa Jack’s has grown into a beloved family-run business.

PapaJack Popcorn had the product people craved and the reviews to back them up, but nowhere for them to showcase everything they offer.

The Solution

The Results

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From the Client

"Michelle was very highly recommended to us from other business owners and after speaking with her during our very first meeting I knew exactly why.

My very first meeting with her I knew that we would be in great hands. I felt that what we needed would be complicated since we have a few tiers to our business model, but she had some great ideas and knew exactly how to implement them. They were there for us just as the pandemic hit and made sure that everything was up and running so that we could pivot our business as needed and move to e-commerce sales.

I feel very confident with Michelle and her entire team. Over the course of two years each team member has offered us great support. They consistently go above and beyond our expectations with their professionalism, communication, and creativity. She is also incredibly patient and is willing to take the time to go over anything that you are unsure of and I could not appreciate that enough. It has been a huge learning curve for us and they have all been there for us every step of the way.

We hope to work and grow with Michelle and her team for many years to come!

If you’re looking for a creative team that can think outside the bag and generate big ideas, book a call today!"
Christine Burns

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