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Automation for Tutoring Business

The Problem

The Open Door stands as a beacon of hope for students struggling with reading and spelling, offering a unique and effective approach to learning. They are renowned for their ability to tailor educational strategies to each student’s learning style, making significant strides in the Ottawa area and beyond.

When administrators and tutors alike were spending more time ensuring contracts were signed and assessments were completed, founder Heather knew something had to change. Multiple team members were completing these processes manually – between constant back-and-forth emails, shared Google Docs, and a third-party “tutor” application with an expensive price tag, things were getting increasingly complicated and ultimately hindering growth.

The Solution

A strategic automation audit identified areas where automation could improve efficiency and reduce error. We decided to create a completely custom online portal with both a student-facing and an administrative-facing side. 
The project was broken out into stages that would allow Heather to begin using a minimum viable version of her new portal as quickly as possible, so she could phase out the cumbersome manual processes. 

The Results

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From the Client

“It absolutely changed the way that my business functions. One of the things that's happened as a result is it has allowed me some more freedom. So I have time to be working on the business as well as to have some time for myself and my family. It made it so that we were able to handle the number of clients that were coming in and looking for help. I knew I needed help, but I didn't know what it looked like. And they were able to come along and help me figure out how to make things work the way they needed to be worked.”