Implementing Automation and Upgrading Website for Food Delivery Business

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Ecommerce Website for Grocery Business

The Problem:

Northern Shopper is a family-run business that supplies food and merchandise to people in Canada’s north by air and sea. They have been providing affordable food to families since 2012 with no signs of slowing down. Since their debut more than a decade ago, they have helped put food on the table for thousands of families.


They came to us after a previous web developer dropped the ball on the project shortly before the launch date.

The Solution:
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The Results:

A Testimonial:

"In short though, you’ve invested the time and curiosity to understand our total ecosystem. You’ve offered options to make our business work better. You’re very responsive to urgent needs to keep our ecommerce business operational. And you and Michelle are great people so I truly like interacting with y’all when I need to."
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