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Building a New Website for Life Coach in 24 Hours

Martine Lauzon is not just a life coach; she’s a beacon of transformation and well-being in Ottawa. With over 20 years of experience in natural health and a vast array of certifications, including life coaching, integrative nutrition, and personal training, Martine embodies the spirit of a true health advocate.

The Problem

Understanding the evolving dynamics of her market, Martine knew she needed an edge to rise above the heightened competition. Martine’s website lacked the visual flair and performant technical foundation to stand out amongst her competitors on Google.

The Solution

The Results

Martine now has a website she can be proud of. The new site quickly took off on Google rankings, due to the careful keyword selection and placement.

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Words from the Client

"I chose the VIP Website in a Day Fastrack Building Package because after 4 years in business, and as my business is steadily experiencing beautiful growth, it was important for me to build a solid and long-term foundation. I also wanted to move my website from Wix to WordPress so that I could leave the website work to the experts and get back to what I do best, which is Coaching. I needed a team of experienced professionals that was engaged and equally excited and invested in my mission and vision.

During the VIP session, we connected, strategized, created, laughed and I learned a lot. It was so exciting to see it all come together so fast. As a business owner and as a Coach, I know that time is everything. I also appreciate the support options provided and custom instructional videos. If you are considering this package, my best advice is to take the time to be extra prepared in advance (all branding, photos, drafts) and then sit back, relax and boom, watch it all come together as Michelle and Nabil make their magic happen."
Martine Lauzon Coaching

This website was made in a day. Yours can be too!