Website Development for Coaching Business

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Website and Brand Development for Consulting Business

Project Highlights

Karla Briones is an Ottawa-area serial Immpreneur with a passion to encourage and support others to achieve business success. She specializes in helping new Canadian entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses in Canada.
Context + Challenges

Karla approached Venture Creative Collective to help her create the foundation for her new company, Karla Briones Consulting. She needed a complete brand identity, website (landing page, sales pages, and the main website), stock imagery, graphics for her podcast and blogs, and ConvertKit (email sequence automation) setup.

With her ideal clientele being worldwide, Karla could not rely on word of mouth referrals to market her new business. Karla needed a brand and web presence that reflected her exceptional skill set and would immediately catch the attention of new potential clients from around the globe.

With no existing online presence, search-engine optimization would be key to ensuring Karla’s new brand would be easily discovered in the saturated business coaching niche. As most users search for and contact service providers shops on their mobile devices, a design built for high performance and conversion on mobile would also be critical to the overall success of the project.


Establishing the Ideal Client In close discussion with Karla, the VCC team created an ideal client profile, to ensure everything we developed would appeal to such a client.

Website and Copy

Karla’s ideal client wants information immediately available with minimal effort, so long style pages with a scrolling design (especially well-suited to mobile devices, another must for her!) was the most logical choice. 

Combining a vibrant color palette and unique swirling patterns in an homage to Karla’s Mexican heritage creates a fun and professional aesthetic.

Snappy, honest copy and clear call-to-action requests ensures the content is easy to consume for readers whose first language is not English. Since Karla knows that many new Canadians prefer direct connections, potential clients are encouraged to reach out to Karla directly. A more automated approach would not serve her goals here.


After gathering information about Karla’s style preferences and ‘must haves’ through VCC’s Brand Exploration Process, we created a new visual brand identity. Thematic colours inspired by Karla’s background and country of origin were combined with clean fonts to keep the overall design grounded yet creative. 

This design element was further integrated into the website and branding by using half the butterfly shape as a swirl motif accent.

Branded Collateral

Speaking at events is an integral part of Karla’s business plan. She needed eye-catching branded physical collateral to give out. We created a suite of brightly coloured business cards in each of the brand colors.

Search Engine Optimization

Initial search engine optimization was conducted to ensure Karla’s new website could be quickly located by her ideal client – busy professionals from around the world looking to move to Canada to start a business and/or new Canadians hoping to start a business or grow an existing one.

The Result

A brand new company ready to be presented to the world – complete with brand identity, logo, and web presence built specifically to attract the ideal client of Karla Briones Consulting exceptional skillset.

Karla Loved Her New Website and Logo:
See What She Has To Say!

“Every time I look at the logo you created I feel so freaking proud! Not only is it beautiful and colourful, but it is meaningful and tells me a story every time I see it. You really translated what my business is all about into a simple, elegant yet fun design.

Having had mostly franchises as businesses (where I don’t really “own” the brand) it is the very first time ever that I want to show the world my logo and what it represents. It’s so darn beautiful. I want to print that butterfly everywhere. It may just be a bunch of squiggly lines for most, but for me, it is me morphing into “what I want to be when I grow up” and helping others too.

I just really wanted you to know what I feel when I look at it. Every. Single. Time.

So, thank you. You are one talented human!”

- Owner, Karla Briones Consulting