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Flowers Talk Tivoli
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Elizabeth Young, owner of Flowers Talk Tivoli, poses with green and white flower pots

Increasing Online Sales for a Florist in Ottawa

Flowers Talk Tivoli (FTT) is a well-established floral shop in a desirable location in Ottawa. Their reputation for gorgeous creations and exceptional and personable service has made them a customer favorite in their neighborhood and beyond. They have always relied on a very strong retail store to drive their sales, with a secondary online presence to augment that revenue.

The Problem

Closing the physical store during the 2020 lockdowns meant Elizabeth and her team had to very suddenly rely completely on online sales. But online sales only made up a small percentage of their total sales up until then – and that needed to change, fast!

The Goals

When FTT initially enlisted us to do dedicated ecommerce management, they had a singular goal: completely replace their entire revenue from their retail location with online sales. We had built their existing website, so the branding and design aspects were already spot on. We needed to revitalize and ramp up their ecommerce presence substantially, and in a very short period of time.

The Strategies

We focused first on creating a website that was optimized for online shopping, rather than finding out information about a local shop. This involved a lot of behind the scenes work on product categorization and tagging, and an overhaul of the navigation, so that customers could quickly and easily find what they would be looking for. 

Our next focus was on increasing the average order value significantly. We analyzed previous shopping patterns, and developed a network system of cross-sells and upsells for every product. We also introduced strategically developed product bundles, which helped to reintroduce older stock items to customers in a fresh way, and sell out items with high inventory.

We quickly recognized an opportunity to create and expand a new revenue stream: plants. We crafted an exclusive email mailing list for plant lovers, and developed brand new shop sections dedicated entirely to plants. Plants quickly became one of the most popular items, with stock regularly selling out of desirable plants only hours after email newsletters were sent.

To fully capitalize on traditional rush periods, we created an automated system that offered customer’s a pick-up window based on the items in their order. That allowed staff to balance their workload much more efficiently. FTT was able to continue accepting orders long after many comparable shops had to stop.

The Results

VCC continues to actively manage the Flowers Talk Tivoli online store, and the shop continues to see consistent results. Everyone on the VCC team has become a plant and flower lover by proxy!

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