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Elrex Manufacturing Inc.
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Upgrade Website to Better Match Commitment to Quality and Showcase Comprehensive Manufacturing Services

Since 1963, Elrex has been producing high-quality fabricated materials in a wide range of industries. Their commitment to service excellence needed a new website that better matched their values.

The Problem

With a confusing layout, issues with accessibility, and outdated styling, Elrex’s website was in need of a serious overhaul.

The Solution

In 24 Hours:

The Results

Elrex Manufacturing Inc. now has a beautiful, highly performant, accessible website. The new Products & Services page is easy to navigate, and their customers can easily get quotes and communicate with the Elrex team,

From the Client

"This new website is 1000 better than what we had before. I am amazed that I reached out to you on Monday and we have a whole new website here on Friday."

Mike Benchimol
Elrex Manufacturing Inc

This website was made in a day. Yours can be too!