How We Gave a Salon and Spa Website a Much Needed Facelift

Beyond Beauty
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Salon Website Branding and Copy Upgrade

Beyond Beauty is an inclusive and welcoming salon and spa in Kanata. They became a community favourite because of their talented stylists, creative estheticians, and friendly staff. Their philosophy of generously giving back to the community by providing free haircuts to those in need helps them foster a warm and inclusive environment.

The Problem

Beyond Beauty came to us because their website wasn’t converting leads into loyal clients like they wanted it to. While the website was visually appealing, it wasn’t pulling its weight.

The Solution

We knew that Beyond Beauty needed a website that was as stunning as their clients after a day with their talented staff. This is where our expertise came into play. 

We were able to elevate their copywriting to represent the warm and inviting nature of the business while also hinting at the luxuriousness that their clients would feel.

After meticulously choosing new fonts and colours for the website, our developers were able to combine the copy with the new branding materials for an upscale look and feel.

The Results

Beyond Beauty is now the proud owner of a beautiful new website that features the services they offer while highlighting their community engagement. It is both welcoming and elegant without being intimidating.

From the Client

"It's beautiful! Thanks for your patience."
Owner & Operator

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