Salesforce Automation For Not-For-Profit Group

Anova: A Future Without Violence
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Data Cleanup and Extensive Backend Work for Non-Profit Violence Prevention Service

Operating out of London, Ontario, Anova is a non-profit company that offers services for children, sexual violence and prevention work for youth, and an integrated 24-hour crisis and support line. Anova has the important mission create change to eliminate patriarchal patterns that result in gender-based sexual violence and inequality.

The Problem

Over time, and with multiple people trying to manage the systems with different levels of knowledge, Anova found themselves in need of a comprehensive Salesforce overhaul.

Cleaning that up and establishing standard operating processes for the current and future staff to use to ensure this work would not need to be done so extensively in the future was determined to be the best use of a tech grant that Anova recently received.

The Solution

The Results

Given the complex nature of automation, a two-day in-person automation session was far more effective than hundreds of back-and-forth emails over 6+ months which would be the standard way of doing a project like this.

Instead, we started on a Thursday morning and finished on a Friday evening. All the work was done on-site, and the systems were fully ready to use to their potential when the staff arrived on Monday morning.

From the Client

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Anova: A Future Without Violence