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Get Your Website Done In 24 Hours!

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Are You Tired of the Endless Back and Forth That Traditional Website Projects Involve?

Waiting for Months to See Your Vision Come to Life?

Do you desire instant results without compromising quality? Are you a fast decision-maker eager to see your digital footprint today, not tomorrow? We have created a unique program with you in mind – our VIP Website Building Program. 

If you’re a busy visionary who loves getting results fast, you’re going to love Venture Creative Collective’s VIP Website Development Program – a fast-track solution to have your website live in a day!

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How Does the 24 Hour Experience Work?

This Program Is a Cooperative Venture, Where Our Team Works With You, Live and in Person - Or Virtually - To Build Your Website Within a Set Time Frame.
Each session includes at least two key members of the VCC team: our experienced CTO, Nabil Ould-Brahim, and our dynamic CEO, Michelle Weger. With their combined skills and your unique vision, we can produce a website that embodies your brand and serves your business needs.

Our Fastrack Website Building Packages

We Offer Three Different Packages, Each Designed to Cater to Various Needs and Budgets:

Done by Lunch:

$ 5,000 Half Day
  • Perfect for one-page websites or sales pages.

    Quick, efficient, and impactful.

Done in a Day:

$ 7,500 Full Day
  • Ideal for two to four-page websites.

    Comprehensive, detailed, and professional.


Done by Friday:

$ 20,000 2 Days + Travel
  • Meant for larger projects such as ecommerce, 5+ page websites, or custom software development.

    Thorough, masterful, and tailored.

Is a Fast Website Building Experience For You?

This VIP program is for business owners and key company employees who value time and want to avoid the drawn-out process of traditional web development. This is your opportunity to work closely with our team, providing immediate feedback, making swift decisions, and witnessing your website come to life in real time

Say goodbye to waiting months for your website and start reaping the benefits of your online presence immediately.

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Are You Ready to Revolutionize Your Website… Fast?

For the decision-makers, for the trailblazers, for those who value time and efficiency – our VIP website making program is designed for you. 

Start your journey towards an instantly gratifying, high-quality website now.

Skip the wait.

Welcome instant results with Venture Creative Collective.