Generate Consistent Sales With Regular Email Newsletters

Send Newsletters That Actually Get Opened

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Your Mailing List is One of
Your Strongest Marketing Tools

When people sign up for your mailing list, they’re opting in to receive information from you. That means they actively want to hear from you. This gives you an audience that is:

Your mailing list is full of people who are your ideal customers, meaning you already have an advantage

But between the rules email providers have and the need to compete for your customers’ attention in inboxes that are full of other promotional emails, it is easy to get overwhelmed and just… not send anything.

That would be a mistake. 


You Know Your Website Can Make Your Business More Profitable, But You Don’t Know How

Newsletters Generate Instant Sales

Our client in the grocery industry has had huge success with their mailing list. By implementing a regular email schedule that encourages subscribers to visit their website, we created content that has earned this client thousands of dollars within the first hour of a promotion being sent… multiple times.

newsletter chart

In the above screenshot, this client’s newsletter was sent out at… yes, 1 p.m. That sharp spike in sales was almost exclusively due to the promotion in the newsletter and likely would have continued… if they hadn’t sold out so quickly.

This is a regular occurrence for this client. We implemented a strategy of sending email newsletters and SMSs with weekly specials. The results speak for themselves:

newsletter stock count

Newsletters Generate Future Sales

Your bottom line can’t afford constant discounts.

Our client in the gift industry knew this well. The nature of their business means that their customers aren’t buying on a predictable schedule. The key to success is making sure that when their customers are looking for a gift, they’re the first ones they think of.

So how did their newsletter come into play?

The average open rate for most emailing lists is 20 to 25%. By creating fun, engaging newsletters for this client, we began seeing open rates of 43 to 47%.

That means nearly half the people on their mailing list were regularly engaging with their emails. When those people were suddenly looking for a gift, you can bet that our client would be the first one they thought of. 

Part of having an active and engaging newsletter schedule is to keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Our Approach Finds the Delicate Balance Between Impressing Humans and Impressing Robots.

Spending hours creating a perfect sales campaign is useless if no one can find your website.

But perfecting your SEO so you show up first on Google does no good if your website doesn’t appeal to human customers. SEO is important, but SEO at the cost of human readability isn’t effective.

Your website is full of moving parts that affect different aspects of your business. You get the best results from your website when all those parts work together.

We specialize in bringing all those parts together and creating a unique experience that combines SEO with evidence-based psychology. That means your website will perform better on search engines AND  appeal powerfully to your potential customers once they get there.

But You Shouldn’t Have to Worry
About Your Newsletter Schedule

Let us do the work for you.

We are experts at creating email newsletters that:

We can create a content package that meets your needs and takes this important task off your plate.

Reap the rewards of a regular newsletter, without the work.