Raving Fans Love Consistency

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You can convert a customer to a raving fan with more consistency in your delivery.

It doesn’t matter what your industry is, if you sell a product or provide a service, you have to deliver something of value to your customer. There is so much importance on how you deliver and not just what you deliver. We have been working a great deal on your delivery in the last few months and recently I noticed how big of a difference maker it is when we were buying a house.

As some of you know, we recently purchased a house. We have an incredible power house of a real-estate agent. Therese knows how to buy, sell, deliver, and WOW.

When it came to buying our new house, the seller’s agent had to perform the same tasks and duties as our agent did before when we sold our house. However, the way with which they delivered was not the same!

Therese is a superstar. When we purchased our house, we instantly got an email congratulating us and letting us know of the extra items to remember while moving. She worked with our lawyer and got the whole deal done and set!

Then it came time to pickup our keys…

We arrived at the house and low and behold, the For Sale sign was still on our property and the lockbox was still on the door.

We owned a house that someone could unlock with a code that we did not know.

This is a clear example of how your delivery can impact your customer’s experience.

When we sold our house, Therese personally came and removed the sign and lock box days prior to closing. She also instructed us on what state to leave the house and we hired a cleaning company to make sure that the new owners would be happy on move in.

So we were sitting there, in our new home, wondering what we were supposed to do with the sign and lock box. Three days later we got the answer: the seller’s real-estate agent came by unannounced and took the sign, but couldn’t find the lock box that I removed. We setup a time to exchange the lock box and the deal was done.

When you take a step back and look at what was delivered to us, you notice that both agents had to perform the same duties. However, both agents went about it differently.

How does this matter to you?

You and your competitor both deliver similar things, but the way you deliver is different. Often times, that is what makes you unique.

Several months ago, we revamped the way that we finished our website development. We created a checklist for handing over the website to a client. It has over 40 different items that need to be verified before we officially launch. In addition to this list, we have started sending gifts to our clients on Launch Day to celebrate the moment.

Now I ask you, how are you delivering? Is it up to the standard that you want to be perceived at?

Take a break now and write down your delivery checklist for how you want to be perceived.

Does it match up to how you deliver today?

Chances are, like us, there are a number of those items that have identical text and messages regardless of the customer or service.

As Michelle always says “that which is repeatable can be automated”.

Now take a look at that list and highlight all the items that are identical and repeatable. Items like:

  • Launch Day email
  • How to videos
  • Review/Feedback request

Easy to say that all the items listed above and likely almost all of your items can be made to happen automatically at the right time.

This automatic consistency what we are great at! We love making you the hero your customer can’t rave enough about.

Want more efficiency, consistency, and raving reviews?

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