How Much Does Copywriting Cost?

What You Need to Know Before You Invest in Copywriting Services for Your Small Business

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There is no set cost for copywriting. It varies wildly based on the:

Every business is unique. That means different expectations, different requirements, and different priorities. 

This article will explore what makes a good copywriter who is worth paying for and the impact they can have on your business.

Why Should You Hire a Copywriter?

Anyone can write some words. It shouldn’t be that hard or take that long. 

And that’s true… if it doesn’t matter what those words say.

But copywriting is about more than stringing words together to form a sentence: it’s salesmanship in print.

Unless you have the perfect blend of skill, knowledge, and psychology, you need a copywriter.

Someone with experience can write in a way that:

If you want your words to work for you, you need to use specific words put together in a way that urges your customers to buy from you. Good copywriters can do that effortlessly. 

The better the copy, the better your potential for sales.

One of our clients in the beauty industry gave their website copy a facelift and they couldn’t have been happier with the results. Our copywriter used the existing information, but restructured it in a way that would appeal to their customers.

The client was thrilled with the results:

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A Good Copywriter is Also a Good Storyteller

If you don’t have an active blog on your website, you need one. Right away. 

Blogs are an excellent way to establish authority. But they have to be written in a way that allows you to connect with your potential customers.

One of our clients in the healthcare industry updated their blogs week after week like clockwork. They were sharing valuable information and relatable stories about the services they provided.

The blogs were goldmines of educational content… But no one was reading them.

Our copywriters took their existing content and restructured it. Within a few weeks, this client saw:

The information in the blogs was the exact same. The only difference is the way the words were used.
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Copywriters Have Many Jobs.

Copywriting is about more than writing. It involves a ton of research. 

A good copywriter doesn’t need to be an expert on your industry. It doesn’t matter if you sell pet supplies, dog treats, or organic rabbit food, the right person will be able to convince your customers that the content was written by an expert.

The best copywriters know how to get the information your customers want, whether it’s from talking to you or researching online. If you consistently work with one copywriter, they will become more familiar with your business and its intricacies.

Copywriting is a Necessary Investment

Imagine splurging on the luxury sports car of your dreams. It comes with all of the top of the line bells and whistles and it’s a masterpiece. 

Now imagine finishing the car off with an engine you built yourself.

Unless you’re a fully trained mechanic, this probably isn’t your specialty. Sure, you could watch videos and read articles that teach you how to do it, but wouldn’t you rather have an engine built and installed by professionals?

Think of your website the same way.

Many business owners wouldn’t think twice about investing in good web and graphic design – which they absolutely should – but then decide to write the copy themselves. They’re missing out on the benefits of having a professional do the job for them.

If your customers don’t know what you sell, what sets it apart, or why they should trust you over a sea of your competitors, they won’t give you their money. 

Copywriting can yield huge returns on your investment. Even something as simple as updating your product descriptions can work hard to bring your sales up year after year.

How to Hire Our Copywriters

  1. Book a call to discuss your goals and expectations
  2. Meet with one of our talented and experienced copywriters to discuss the message you’d like to send to your customers
  3. Review the content for your landing page, blog, newsletter, etc and submit any edits
  4. Receive the finalized copy and review it before it is added to your website or sent to your customers