Why Does Copywriting Cost So Much?

Why should you pay for copywriting?

After all, anyone can write some words. It shouldn’t be that hard or take long.

And that’s true… if it doesn’t matter what those words say.


Water bottle.

Bowl containing chip crumbs.

Those are all words associated with things on the desk of the copywriter writing this blog, but that doesn’t mean they’re useful words.

Copywriting is about far more than words.

Having an active blog is one of the best things you can do for your website.

Blogs are an excellent way to establish authority and connect with your potential customers. But how you write your blogs is key to their effectiveness.

One of our clients diligently updated their blog week after week, sharing excellent information and stories about the services they provided.

Their blogs were educational… but no one was reading them.

We began reworking these blogs for our client – not writing entirely new blogs, but taking their current content and restructuring it. Within a few weeks, this client saw:

  • An increase in traffic to their website
  • More calls from clients who had discovered them after searching for information online and discovering their blog
  • The top most-visited page on their website became one of their blogs

The information on their blogs was the same as before.

The only difference?

The way we used the words.

Copywriting is a blend of skill, knowledge, and psychology. Good copy should:

  • Keep your customers interested and reading
  • Appeal to their emotions
  • Encourage a “buy in” to what you’re selling

In short, if you want those words to work for you, they need to be specific words put together to urge your customers to buy from you.

But what is copywriting?

To paraphrase an old quote, copywriting is salesmanship in print. That might include:

  • Online ads
  • Website pages
  • Promotional emails
  • Social media posts
  • Blogs, articles, and press releases

… and more. Basically, copywriting is any business-related text.

The copy on your website shouldn’t be an afterthought. It can make or break your business.

Many business owners will invest in great product photos, amazing graphic design, and a high-end, state-of-the-art website… but if the words on your ads, blogs, and landing pages aren’t fantastic, you’re missing out on sales.

Your copy gives your audience a first impression of you, of what you sell, and of why they should trust you with their money.

How much does copywriting cost?

Copywriting is about more than the actual writing.

Let’s say you run a business that sells pet supplies.

You may want a blog written about the specific benefits of using a martingale collar over a regular collar.

You might be familiar with the difference, but many people wouldn’t be.

But that doesn’t mean you need to hire a copywriter who is familiar with your specific niche. In fact, you don’t even need a copywriter who owns a pet.

A good copywriter is an excellent researcher. They know how to get information your customers will want to know, whether it’s from talking to you or researching online.

And the longer you work with the same copywriter, the more familiar they become with your business and its intricacies.

What that means is there is no one specific cost for copywriting. It can vary wildly based on the:

  • Experience of the copywriter
  • Type of copy being written
  • Amount of research needed

Every business is unique. That means different expectations, different requirements, and different priorities.

Is it worth paying for copywriting?

In short, yes.

Imagine spending a ton of money on a beautiful, luxury sports car with all the bells and whistles… and then putting in an engine you built yourself.

Sure, if you’re a fully trained mechanic, that might not be completely unreasonable, but if you’re running the imaginary pet supply company we talked about earlier, building car engines probably isn’t your specialty.

Now imagine that sports car is your website.

Many business owners wouldn’t think twice about spending money on good web design and graphic design – which they absolutely should – but then decide to write the copy themselves.

Doing that means they won’t see the same results as having a professional write the copy for them.

The better your copy, the better your potential for sales.

If a customer doesn’t know what you sell, what sets it apart, or why they should trust you, they won’t give you their money.

Copywriting can yield huge returns on your investment. It’s worth mentioning that not all copy will generate huge amounts of sales – again, it depends on the type of copy being written and its purpose – but the combined effort of your content, website, and product descriptions can work together to bring your sales up year after year.

If you’re ready to make the words on your website work for you, let’s talk.

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