Does My Website Need a Blog?

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How Blogs can Add Value to your Website

Blogs are no longer the sole domain of the self-indulgent travelling millennial. These days, blogs are a critically important promotion tool for businesses. Ignore the power of the blog at your own peril!

But I sell vacuums, surely I don’t need a blog!

Actually, you do. And here’s why:

1. Blogs drive web traffic.

Google likes new information. Most company websites are static: once they are created, they are rarely updated. The copy on those static pages, at least according to the Google trawlers, is stale.

A blog, however, is updated frequently.

It provides Google with brand new, fresh, information – and blog posts are indexed much more frequently than landing pages. So if you’re smart about tailoring your blog posts to your target key words, you’ll end up showing up in search results much more quickly. And since showing up in search results is one of the main reasons you have a website, that’s a WIN.

2. Blogs establish authority.

People like to feel that the companies they deal with know what they are doing. Yes, advertising can help with that: but most people are skeptical of hard-selling ads.

A blog provides a platform to show your audience that you are an expert in your industry, no sales-talk needed.

Reliably updated blogs that provide useful information, solve problems, and answer questions  make it clear that you are a go-to authority in your niche. Establishing that authority is key to winning your audience’s trust.

3. Blogs extend your brand message.

The copy on the rest of your website should be short, snappy, and powerful.

A blog offers you the opportunity to expand on ideas that fit with your brand’s message more thoroughly.

Maybe your vacuum company is all about sustainability: a blog about the top ten ways to make your vacuum last longer reinforces that green ideal. A blog can also help to reinforce your brand personality and voice, so your audience can get to know you, and your values.

You really can’t afford to miss out on the benefits a regularly updated blog can give your business.

So, does your website need a blog? YES. Your website most definitely needs a blog. Put fingers to keyboards and get blogging!

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