How to Write Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

Writing the Perfect ChatGPT Prompt is Easier Than You Think

VCC ChatGPT Robot
“Write me an intro for a page about creating the best ChatGPT prompts.”

This is what we told ChatGPT to do for us.  


The result is… interesting, to say the least.


If we started this article with that answer, would you read it? Or would you get bored two sentences in and find something else to do?


We’d probably leave, too.


So how do you get ChatGPT to give you good answers that make people want to stay?


You have to master the art of the prompt. This page will teach you everything you need to know about getting the robot to give you the answers you want.

ChatGPT prompt1

The Best ChatGPT Prompts are Clear, Concise, and Captivating

We’re going to be brutally honest here.   


If you’re consistently getting subpar answers, you’re probably giving subpar prompts.


To put it in perspective, let’s say you want to build a house.


You know what you want the finished product to look like, so you get ready to purchase materials. But you don’t really want to spend a lot of time or money, so you cut corners.


You hire your cousin and their friends who don’t know the first thing about carpentry to do the framework because they said they’d do it for free.


Your best friend from high school watched a YouTube video on how to unclog a drain, so you hire them for your plumbing. You just have to drive them to and from the job site as payment.


And can you believe it? There’s an ad in the classified section of the newspaper offering free wood! Sure, it’s a little warped and damaged, but at least you’re saving some money, right?

ChatGPT Prompts Example 2

All that’s left to do is start building your house.

What do you think the finished product is going to look like?

Do you think it’s going to resemble something out of Good Housekeeping? Or do you think you’ll end up with something akin to a building that’s gone a few rounds with a tornado? (Hint: it’s the latter)

ChatGPT prompts are the same way. If you don’t give good prompts, you won’t get good answers.

Think back to our prompt from at the beginning of the page. What could we have done to get a better response? We know you like to be drawn in from the beginning, so it needs to be engaging.

How about something like “write me an engaging intro for a page about ChatGPT prompts”?

It’s a little better, but it’s still not great.

The Best Prompts for ChatGPT Take Some Fine-Tuning

To write the best prompt, think of your readers. 


What do they want to know?


What do they respond best to?


What are you trying to get them to do?


In this case, we’re trying to teach you how to write the best ChatGPT prompts so you can use the platform to its fullest potential. You respond best to short and witty copy that’s easy to understand but is still informative. We’re trying to help you gain as much information as possible so you can use ChatGPT effectively.


What does that look like as a prompt?

Good Prompt:

“Write me an introduction for a page about creating the best ChatGPT prompts. It should be short and witty, yet informative. The goal of the page is to teach people how to use ChatGPT as effectively as possible in their business.”

ChatGPT Good Prompt Example
Great Prompt:

“Write me a short introduction for a page about ChatGPT prompts. It should be brief, to the point, slightly funny, and capture attention from the beginning. The goal of the page is to present our readers with helpful tips for creating the best prompts without them feeling overwhelmed.”

ChatGPT Great Prompt Example

These are a lot better! 


Does this mean we can copy and paste it onto our website and call it a day? Absolutely not.


If you take one piece of information away from this page, let it be this: do not copy and paste the responses from ChatGPT onto your website without editing it first.


If someone else is searching for the exact same information, they’re likely going to get the exact same response. If neither of you edit it to fit your brand voices, you’re going to end up with duplicate content. And if there’s anything Google hates more than OpenAI (kidding… kind of), it’s copycats.


If you need help turning your ChatGPT responses into valuable nuggets of information you can use on your website and stand out from your competition, book a call today!


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