What Are the Benefits of Augmented Reality for People Who Are Visually Impaired?

How Apps Like Be My Eyes and ChatGPT Can Help Blind People

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Can ChatGPT and Other AI Tools Really Help Those With Visual Limitations

To someone who is blind or visually impaired, the feeling of lost or waning independence is common and devastating. Someone with a visual disability doesn’t deserve to feel that they are held back because of their limitations.

This article explains how augmented reality programs such as Be My Eyes and AI software like ChatGPT can help blind or visually impaired people navigate the world independently.

One of the Biggest Differences Between Chat GPT-3 and GPT-4 is GPT-4’s Multi-Modal Capabilities

This means that there are different ways, or methods of using ChatGPT 4. 

Be My Eyes allows visually impaired people or those with low vision to connect with a sighted volunteer via a video call. ChatGPT took the ability up a notch.

Over half a million people rely on Be My Eyes’ 6.4 million volunteers to help them make decisions and execute everyday tasks. AI is helps to make the user experience even better by allowing someone to take a picture with their phone, send it to Be My Eyes, and have the photo described back to them in stunning detail.

But that’s not all…

ChatGPT can be used to provide recipes based on a picture of the contents of someone’s fridge.

The partnership between the two helpful softwares began in early February when the founder, Hans Jørgen Wiberg, was approached by ChatGPT to help launch the image-to-text generator. He also said that they have no plans of abandoning their sighted volunteers in favor of AI, further proving our point that AI is not a replacement for people.

There are talks of ChatGPT integrating a live streaming option which would provide another avenue of help for people with limited vision.

Jesper Holten, a Be My Eyes user who is completely blind, said that this feature would give him the opportunity to be even more independent.

“If the AI technology can help me in gaining or regaining that level of confidence, that would really be something,” he said.

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This New Collaboration is a Great Resource That Promotes Independent Living for Disabled Adults and Teens

Sometimes you don’t want to ask someone to help you with a basic task.

Sometimes technology acts up and you can’t get onto the app.
Or sometimes it’s a Monday morning before you’ve had your coffee and you don’t want to even think about another person, let alone ask them to help you with anything.

This is where the collaboration and the promising possibility of live streaming can be a great resource.

People who use the app regularly can do so without relying on another person. They are assisted by a virtual assistant who is always available and willing to help with any request, regardless of how small the user may think it is.

How Else Can AI Help People With Disabilities?

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