Business Emergency Survival Resources: Retail Stores

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If You Don’t Have a Current E-Commerce Setup

  • Create an album on social media, or your website, with items currently for sale via pickup, including prices.
  • Set up the ability for customers to pay online using PayPal for Business and a button.
  • Using Acuity, set up an “Order Pickup” appointment, and offer pickup on specific days and times.
  • When an order is made, send the customer the appropriate pickup link so they can book a time to pickup their order.
  • If you have a WordPress website, consider installing WooCommerce and creating an online store! This will be very beneficial even when things return to normal.

If You Do Have a Current E-Commerce Setup

  • Use targeted ads on social media to communicate your services. (Do you have a Facebook Pixel and LinkedIn Insight Tag to do this kind of social media targeting? If not, set one up! Or have us set one up for you.)
  • Expand your delivery and pickup options.

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