Business Emergency Survival Resources: Restaurants, Food Services, Catering

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The most important thing you can do right now is communicate with your customers and potential customers.

Do you have an email list/CRM? Use it! If you don’t, it is critical that you get one now. This list has a few great options. (And if you’re not sure which one you need,  check out our article on CRMs.

If You Don’t Have a Current E-Commerce Setup

  • Offer a specific pickup menu – post this menu on your social media and website with clearly set prices.
  • Use PayPal for Business to setup an online payment option.
  • Use Acuity to set up curbside pickup.

If You Do Have a Current E-Commerce Setup

  • Use targeted ads on social media to communicate your services. (Do you have a Facebook Pixel and LinkedIn Insight Tag to do this kind of targeting? If not, set one up! Or have us set one up for you.)
  • Expand your delivery and pickup options.

Do You Need Help Putting It All Together?


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