Business Emergency Survival Resources: Appointment Booking

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Using Acuity

Acuity is an appointment booking and scheduling software. With a little ingenuity, it can be used to help you streamline and develop new online offerings during a time of social distancing.

With Acuity, you can set appointment types and availability and allow clients to book their own meeting time – cutting down on administrative tasks like booking times means you can focus your effort on higher value tasks.

Using Acuity for Pickup Orders

Acuity can be used to set up a system for people to book a time to pickup an order.

Exact pickup times means orders can be dropped off at a car, with no contact necessary.

Add buffer room of ten minutes before and after each appointment slot to further reduce potential for contact or order confusion.

When a purchase is made, send the customer the Acuity link to book their pickup time. (Normally we would recommend automating this step, but for now, sending it manually will be effective.)

You can create different appointment types with different availability, if needed.

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Using Acuity for Virtual Meetings and Appointments

Acuity can be integrated with a virtual conferencing software like Zoom to automatically generate a link to a video conference when an appointment is booked.

Helpful Acuity Resources

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